Vive le Tour!!

The last day was entirely devoted to the Tour. We got up and headed down to find a spot to catch the race and then stood there. All day. In the sun. All day. With annoying people crowding into our personal space. Including improper touching. But damn was it cool!!!

There were a ton of Brits there to watch Wiggo win the yellow and Cav destroy the field for the stage win. Kristin was trying to get any kind of acknowledgement from Cavendish. There were some crude comments made that I won’t repeat here. Lucky guy. I ran down to a market and grabbed a bunch of snacks and wine to enjoy while we baked in the sun for the seven hours on the curb. It was great to have the peloton come around eight times so that you could actually see some of the racers instead of a two-minute rush of chaos. We were able to get about 30 minutes of chaos.

There were some lame people that showed up late and expected us to squeeze over to let them up on the rail. Including their annoying as hell children bouncing and bumping into me for a couple hours. But the crazies from the UK were all fun to chat with and share food and drinks with. Now we can get back to watching the race from the comfort of the breakfast table next year. I love me some bike racing, but one session of that was good for me.

Well, that’s about it. Just a couple other photos from the trip home that I’ll throw into a last post with some closing thoughts.


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