First night in Paris, rockin’

We headed out of Pau on a flight at 11am so that we could get into Paris and get out for a bit before it was too late. The hotel is pretty cool. Even more so if you like rock music motif. We’re not too far from the main drag and just a block from a Metro stop. Should be fun. We were able to get some awesome Indian food and have a change up from the fish staples we’ve been having for a while now. It was fantastic.

On a side note, we are perplexed and enthused at the Parisan custom of sitting outside bars and restaurants, with the seats all facing the sidewalk, and quite simply evaluating aspects of passersby. It’s like approved social¬†criticism. Kind of a fun exercise, and I don’t feel guilty about it for a change. Oh wait, I guess I do it all the time. So¬†judgmental.

For now, here’s some photos from our brief outing to the Tour Eiffel area. I have to get Kristin’s photos off her cam still.


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